You'll find in this page some informations on the evolution of surfing in our country in different sectors and precisions for the new traveller. To all of you we say a big Wellcome!!!
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TOURISM: The Moroccan coast offers a large choise of waves,  landscapes, tourist's services for all styles and budgets.

CROWDED ZONES: Since the beginning of surfing in Morocco, just after the second world war near the american's base of Kenitra, surfing exploded during the10 years.So a few zones need to be ignored if you don't like crowds particulary on the week-ends and others also during holidays.
Wednesday afternoons are reserved for surfing schools. Don't surf their spot that day! ( Agadir and Tanger by now)

DRUGS:Drugs are forbidden in Morocco on the same manner as it is in Europe. Hashish is forbidden as it is in England. In the spirit of the local population, hashish drives you to laziness and robbery. For most of them hash smokers are automaticly bad people.


SURFING A SPORT AT SCHOOL IN MOROCCO: Surfing in school exists in Morocco since 1989 date of the first contest of LYAUTEY's highschool in Casablanca. Since septembre1994 the highschool Paul GAUGUIN in Agadir proposes surfing and bodyboarding to his students during the activities of wednesdays afternoons and since 1997 surfing has been included into the Physical Education Programs( pictures from 1994 to 1998). The Highschool Paul GAUGUIN belongs to the French Teaching Agency in Morocco.

MOROCCO 18TH IN PORTUGAL: For his third participation to the World Surfing Games Morocco enter into the top 20 and so will have the right to have a judge in the next games.And thanks to Mr Bruce HOPPING chairman of the KALOS KAGATHOS FOUNDATION of U.S.A for his help this time again.

ZINE EL ABIDINE GUEMMI:After his victory in the first ever contest held in Morocco in 1988 Zine El Abidine "Zino"GUEMMI took the head of pack for 10 years now. Four times national champion he represented the kingdom all around the world and proved to everybody that there are good surfers in Morocco.France, Portugal, Brasil, USA, Indonesia as team manager for his country and married since 3 years to Fatima: a new champ is on the wave they said for 2000!!!

FATIM ZAHRA GUEMMI RANK 7 IN THE WORLD: 9th during the first World Woman Bodyboard Championships in California in 1996, our national champion since 1992, lost her last heat for 0.07 points and ended at the 7th  place during the World Championships of 1998 in Portugal.

OTHERS: Some photos and words about the leaders of the sport in the Kingdom


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